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Athens University of Economics and Business

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Our University, the former Athens School of Economics and Business, is the oldest educational institution of our country in the fields of Economics and Business Administration. Since 1920, it has created a great tradition in educating the youth of our country. Thousands of its graduates are now senior administrative and financial executives in the public and private sectors, faculty members in Greek and foreign universities, as well as members of international organizations.

With eight Undergraduate Departments ranked at the top in the preference list of prospective students, twenty-nine extremely popular (full and part-time) Graduate Programmes and strong doctoral programmes, AUEB is evaluated as one of the leading institutions in our country, but also internationally, in the fields of science that it serves. The University's good reputation reflects the high level of its academic staff, the high quality of research and teaching, the up-to-date curricula, and the distinctions achieved by its faculty and its graduate and postgraduate students. Through the successful internal evaluation process that has been applied over the last years, we try to improve ourselves constantly.

Each department of the Athens University of Economics and Business awards an undergraduate degree (Ptychion) equivalent to a four-year B.A. or B.Sc. in their respective fields. Students are accepted after a successful nation-wide entrance examination. On the average, only one out of seven candidates is admitted. In some departments the competition is even higher. AUEB departments traditionally accept the candidates with the highest scores in the entrance exams.

To be able to graduate and get his/her degree, a student has to attend and successfully complete eight semesters of study (four years), corresponding to a total of approximately 240 ECTS credit hours. These hours correspond to core as well as to elective courses. Students in one department are allowed to take courses offered by other departments. Foreign language courses in English, French or German are offered in all semesters and count towards degree requirements. Depending on their choice of electives, students acquire a major concentration on particular subjects. According to the University's grading system the grades range from zero (0) to ten (10). The passing grades are from five (5) and above.

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