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Learning from real life

Real-life business cases are at the heart of many courses. They challenge our students to learn to act quickly and decisively. To base their decisions on growing experience and healthy reflection.

International outlook

Just like in the world of business, our focus is fully international. We work closely together with partners in the business and education communities in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Together with our partners we are able to offer our students the global outlook they need.

Over 40 different nationalities are represented among our students. The ideal environment to prepare for an international career.

Education in English

Within the framework of Rotterdam University, Rotterdam Business School leads the way in presenting a wide range of business and management programmes in English, the lingua franca of international business.

Education, the Rotterdam way

Education at Rotterdam Business School is a mixture of theory, practice and personal development. We call this the Rotterdam Education Model (REM). The model was developed by Rotterdam University to reflect the practical, hands-on mentality associated with the city of Rotterdam.

Student autonomy

From traditional school situations to professional indepence in four years: at Rotterdam Business School, students gradually take the helm. They set out their personal course with the use of learning tools such as practice-based cases, simulations, video-conferencing and 'skills labs' (instruction rooms).

Lecturers and experts from professional practice remain on hand for stimulation and inspiration. Group work is encouraged, including collaboration with students from other programmes or faculties.


Applied research is a constant factor throughout the Bachelor programmes (even more so, of course, in the Master programmes). Starting with supervised introductory projects, this is taken to the next level when students move on to on-the-job training in business placements or in projects setting up and dismantling their own business.

Minors and electives

Students are able to spice up the main course of the curriculum with a choice of specialised subjects: minors and electives. Minors form the backbone of a student's personal development programme; they are chosen at the end of the second year. Electives are for additional learning or brushing up; they can be mixed into any annual programme.

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