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Doing Business in Europe (Marketing/Market Entry)


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The business schools of Hanze UAS offer the programme 'Doing Business in Europe'. This first-class summer school experience takes you on a journey throughout the European world of business.

The Dutch have always played an important role in international business. Our university is named after the Hanze League, a medieval bond of cities in the north-western part of Europe in which many Dutch cities were members. The goal of the Hanze League was to cooperate in trade to boost each others' wealth and welfare. In addition, the very first modern multinational ever (the Dutch East India Company), and our role as a founding member of the European Union, the largest market in the world, illustrates the importance of international business in the Netherlands.

In order to give you the broadest range of information, the course provides you with general subjects as well as fairly specialized subjects, ranging across the scope of international business. These classes are combined with an extensive social programme and excellent business excursions to large multinational companies.


No Summer School experience is complete without experiencing the country you are visiting. We have listed an great number of options for social activities below. The social activities are part of the programme, after all: 'something happens every day'!
You will visit multinationals and other cities in the Netherlands and Germany.

tuition fee

Course fee: expenses differ per student based on whether the home university is a partner of Hanze UAS or not. For the latest information about the course fee, please check our website: hanzegroningen.eu/summerschool

Niveau N.V.T.
Vorm Full-time
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Doorlooptijd 3 weken
Kosten (indicatie) Tussen de €450 en €1350
Titulatuur Geen titel
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Gefinancierd Privé
Afronding Geen
Credits 6