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Information Services


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What is an information service? Many things. It could be a knowledge centre in an organization, a database of videos or pictures, a website for students who want to study abroad, etc.

We focus on all the aspects that are important for creating and maintaining such a service: marketing, retrieval, trends, legal aspects, systems, costs and benefits. In the project we will advise a real life organization or company with a serious question in this area.

The highlight of the programme will be attending and actively participating in the three day Bobcatsss conference. We will present our findings and research to a few hundred information sciences specialists. More information on the conference can be found at www.bobcatsss.org


At the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, courses focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills as interdependent of each other. Students are placed in professional contexts where complex competencies are acquired and tested. This means that an adequate application of knowledge and skills is necessary.

study abroad

The highlight of the programme will be attending and actively participating in the three-day seminar Bobcatsss (www.bobcatsss.org).


Recent Developments in Information Services; Workshop Training; Publishing; Knowledge Sharing.

instruction modes

Class instruction, conference, project.


Information Services is a fourth year programme offered by Media and Information Management. Students learn to advise an organisation about setting up an external information service.

tuition fee

Please check www.hanzeuniversity.eu/tuitionfees for the actual tuition fees.

Niveau N.V.T.
Vorm Full-time
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Doorlooptijd 20 weken
Kosten (indicatie) Tussen de €450 en €1350
Titulatuur Geen titel
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Gefinancierd Regering
Afronding Certificaat
Credits 30