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Situated on a 13th century estate, Nyenrode has a unique atmosphere to work and study. Nyenrode is the only private university in the Netherlands. In 1946, captains of industry from leading Dutch corporations as KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and Akzo, took the initiative to start an institute where an action-inclined, internationally focused generation of new business leaders would be educated. Main goal was to rebuild the economic position of the Netherlands and Dutch enterprises after WWII.

The Nijenrode estate is dominated by the thirteenth-century castle estate. Situated in a park-like estate and surrounded by a moat, the castle is a true eye-catcher. The Nijenrode estate is known for its beautiful landscape architecture. Since 2001, the estate has enjoyed the protection provided by the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act.
Nyenrode Business Universiteit is an enterprise in itself. Universiteit Nyenrode B.V. is an independent business whose equity is 100 percent owned by Stichting Nyenrode (the Nyenrode Foundation). In addition to owning the equity of Universiteit Nyenrode, Stichting Nyenrode is responsible for Landgoed Nijenrode (the Nyenrode Estate). The Board of the Foundation is accountable to the Foundation's Supervisory Board.
Ambition and scope
Nyenrode's ambition is to deepen the knowledge of our internationally oriented, carefully selected students towards sustainable leaders, robust accountants and agile and creative entrepreneurs. We offer graduate level programs in the fields of general management, accountancy and controlling. On top of that, our broad spectrum of executive education programs attracts a wide range of participants.
Academic rigor and practical knowledge
Being highly selective, with a focus on candidates' motivation and social skills, Nyenrode Business Universiteit has created an environment in which ambitious and talented students and bright academics are all dedicated to bridging the gap between academic rigor and daily business knowledge. For that purpose, Nyenrode attempts to cover the spectrum from action focused learning through to work-integrated education and to education-integrated work.
For business, by business
For business, by business has been our motto from the day our institute was established. It still defines the university and assures that practical relevance is of main importance to our faculty. Nyenrode's close contacts with the business world, its education and its research reinforce and inspire each other.
Role in society
Nyenrode is committed to society. It acts as a catalyst for companies, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and professionals in the Netherlands and abroad. It consistently advocates that companies should be designed, operated and managed as sustainable organizations. They should provide future and meaning to a broad range of stakeholders and constituents. Not only in short term, but also on the long run. It teaches its students to be responsible citizens in every aspect of their personal work and life. They should show this to the community, already while studying.
International perspective
The international perspective is deeply rooted in our way of being. Nyenrode receives and exchanges students from all over the world and has a strong international focus in its education. Several centers zoom in on international topics such as globalization, offshoring, international diplomacy and business in significant countries like China and India. It needs no clarification that Nyenrode leads exchange programs with counterparts all over the world.
Leadership, entrepreneurship, stewardship as identifying concepts
Beside Nyenrode's core focus areas leadership and entrepreneurship, Nyenrode is dedicated to stewardship as a third identifying concept. It should be seen in line with the increased importance of ethics, corporate governance and sustainability in both education and research. Stewardship indicates responsibility for the business community, the businesses themselves and the people working in it.
Head, heart, hands
Nyenrode's educational purposes are beyond the mere transfer of knowledge. They are deepened by aspects like analysis of processes, understanding the circumstances of occurrings and the possession of practical insights. We mix profound knowledge, contextual intelligence and pure skills (Head, Heart, Hands).
Life long learning
Nyenrode embraces the concept of life long learning. Students at each stage of their career can follow programs at Nyenrode with the purpose of further development.
Whether they are professionals with management aspirations, bachelors with an urge to get ahead or Board Members with dilemmas at their operating level, for every responsibility and knowledge level Nyenrode has experienced, top level trainers, academics and programs.
Just in time education
Nyenrode provides life-long career development at each pivotal moment of a professional's career. This also implies offering programs before or just after the next career step. The people who benefit from this are professionals, managers, directors, executives and non executives. At Nyenrode they can be ready for the next step, just in time, with the most recent insights.
Nyenrode Business Universiteit is accredited by EQUIS/EFMD.
Our programs are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO), the Commissie Eindtermen Accountantsopleiding (CEA) and the Vereniging van Registercontrollers (VRC).
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