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Communication and Information Studies: Discourse and Communication Studies

Universiteit van Amsterdam

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The Dual Master's programme Discourse and Communication Studies is a unique interdisciplinary programme that combines discourse analysis and argumentation theory.

Discourse and Communication Studies provides you with a solid foundation for understanding language and its argumentative purposes. It presents an overview of recent descriptive and normative research in language, and covers a broad range of topics, including conversational analysis, style, classical and modern rhetoric, informal logic, fallacies, and juridical and conversational argument. Upon completion of the programme, students will have acquired an adequate knowledge of and insight into the main normative and descriptive theoretical approaches to the study of argumentation. This includes: pragma-dialectics and the main theoretical approaches to the study of discourse, including speech act theory and conversation analysis.
In addition, students gain the skills necessary for:
* analysing and evaluating argumentative discourse;
* for reading, analysing, evaluating and conducting independent research.
The programme also offers students the possibility to put theory into practice in a specially selected internship, in which communicative and argumentative skills play a central role.

Niveau WO
Vorm Duaal
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Doorlooptijd 18 maanden
Type MA (Master of Arts)
Kosten (indicatie) Geen opgave
Titulatuur MA (Master of Arts)
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Gefinancierd Regering
Afronding Diploma
Credits 90