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Culture, Psychology and Psychiatry

Universiteit van Amsterdam

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This course provides students with insight in the relationship between culture and psychological and psychiatric phenomena, and enhancing their ability to contribute to mental health interventions.

In this course students will gain knowledge of various theoretical approaches in the field of culture, psychology and psychiatry. They learn to adequately interpret specific complaints and experiences in relation to culture, and gain insight into the influence of culture on cognitive and emotional processes, as well as on therapeutic practices. Major themes to be discussed include
(1) the cultural construction of mental health and mental illnesses,
(2) the role of culture in the expression of psychopathology (e.g. in idioms of distress, culture-bound syndromes and in classification systems), in guiding help seeking, and in shaping the therapeutic relationship,
(3) the place of culture in working with immigrants and refugees as well as in the field of global mental health and public mental health.
(4) the role of culture, psychology and psychiatry in the social reconstruction after disaster, war and political violence
(5) methods of cross-cultural research: ethnography and the basics of epidemiology.


Epidemiology of Psychiatric Disease in Different Cultures; Culture and Personality; Culture-bound Syndromes; Psychoanalytic Perspectives; Symbolic Healing; Culture and Schizophrenia/Depression/Trauma.

instruction modes

Each half-day session consists of a lecture and discussion, followed by individual and group assignments.

job perspective

The AMMA is meant for social scientists in multidisciplinary research projects in the field of health and health care, and for physicians and other professionals of health care, such as Departments of Public Health and programs for prevention. The program is also useful for social scientists who wish to specialise in medical anthropology, as part of their PhD program planning and for academic staff of European universities planning to develop courses and/or research in medical anthropology.


After this course participants should be able:

1. To formulate some major insights from and approaches in cross cultural psychology and psychiatry;
2. To discuss the contributions of medical anthropology to the field of psychology and psychiatry;
3. To discuss the implications of insights from the social sciences for therapeutic interventions;
4. To summarize current debates in the borderland between the three disciplines.

sustainable strengthening

This is an intensive course with a duration of two weeks. It brings together participants with a social science and medical background. During these two weeks students gain specialist knowledge in the field of culture, psychology and psychiatry. They gain knowledge of theoretic approaches and concepts and of qualitative research methods. By applying the acquired skills and by sharing their expertise with other professionals, participants will strengthen the organization's functioning.

tuition fee

Tuition fees are adjusted annually. For up-to-date information, please see www.uva.nl/collegegeld (Dutch students) or www.uva.nl/tuition (international students).

Niveau N.V.T.
Vorm Full-time
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Doorlooptijd 2 weken
Kosten (indicatie) Tussen de €450 en €1350
Titulatuur Geen titel
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Gefinancierd Privé
Afronding Certificaat