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International Development Studies (research MSc)

Universiteit van Amsterdam

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The Research Master International Development Studies focuses on development processes and transformations and shifting balances of power in the Global South.

During the programme, you will discuss societal transformation and development trajectories (livelihood trajectories, and urban to national trajectories). Also the underlying interplay between social, political, economic, environmental and cultural factors at multiple levels of governance will be discussed, focusing on inequalities and social justice in current issues. As a theoretical and empirical science, IDS studies development as a phenomenon that results from the interaction between diverse local and international actors and processes, within context-specific institutional environments. The shifting power balances have resulted in a multi-polar, polycentric world, where emerging economies such as China and Brazil have become global players, and where governments increasingly work in partnership with other actors in shaping development processes. This has created a need for well-rounded professionals with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of local to global development processes, and with specific understanding of theories and perspectives from the Global South.


2018 Full-time Wettelijk voorgeschreven € 2060 / jaar

1st year

The first year of the programme consists of classroom courses. In addition to one required thematic core course, students can choose from a range of thematic electives.Similarly, the students take a required course on Epistemology and methodologies in mixed methods, and students then choose from a wide range of methodological electives. The last course of the year – Undertaking Fieldwork in developing Countries – prepares for the second year, a year of scholarly practice.

During this second year of the programme, students conduct sustained independent study in a developing country, on a topic related to international development.They develop their individual portfolio, and attend the professional and academic skills seminar in which they prepare for an academic or professional career. After completion of the Master's thesis, students also write an academic article together with a member of staff of AISSR.


All applicants are required to submit additional documents such as: proof of identity, CV, research questions and written work.


instruction modes

Seminars and tutorials with supervision by specialists devoted to the in-depth study of a variety of topics. Supervised individual research resulting in a thesis. Most classes are taught in small groups, with a maximum of 20 students.

job perspective

Graduates of the Research Master's in International Development Studies will be qualified to apply for jobs in both the academic world and research-oriented institutions. The programme provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a PhD in relevant fields. It also prepares students for positions in applied or policy research in multinational organisations, research institutes, consultancy firms and governmental agencies.
Specific career examples from alumni of the Research Master's programme International Development Studies are:

* Phd Position at Wageningen University, at CEDLA, at AISSR, at Hong Kong University and at University of Johannesburg
* Programme Officer at the Food and Agriculture Office in Rome
* Policy advisor for the Dutch Parliament (Labour Party)
* Social researcher for the Office for National Statistics in the UK
* Independent text writer
* Editor of the online journal The Broker
* Policy Researcher at the Policy and Evaluations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Junior Project Assistant Educaids, Edukans

tuition fee

Tuition fees are adjusted annually. For up-to-date information, please see www.uva.nl/collegegeld (Dutch students) or www.uva.nl/tuition (international students).

Niveau WO
Vorm Full-time
Incompany Nee
Open inschrijving Nee
Doorlooptijd 24 maanden
Type MSc (Master of Science)
Kosten (indicatie) Tussen de €450 en €1350
Titulatuur MSc (Master of Science)
Benodigde taalkennis Engels
Gefinancierd Regering
Afronding Diploma
Credits 120