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Migration & Integration: Refugees, Rights, & Realities

Universiteit van Amsterdam

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Europe is faced with the largest influx of immigrants since decolonization. European nations have struggled to handle the new reality. Even the free movement of people has come under threat. This cour

What are the legal, political & human ramifications of the current refugee crisis? How should states handle the recent mass migration? What are the forces behind this influx? How do international organizations and sovereign state respond to the challenge of millions of displaced persons? And what about the immigrants themselves? Are they interested to permanently settle in Europe or are they better off in countries 'in the region'? How can they, given their diverse backgrounds, be integrated best into the European societies?

This interdisciplinary two-week course introduces students to key issues in the legal, (geo)political, sociological and anthropological analysis of forced migration. It enables students to understand the context in which the recent influx of migrants takes place, the social change this triggers and the efforts needed to successfully integrate the newcomers.


2018 Full-time Institutioneel € 1550 / hele opleiding
2018 Full-time Internationaal € 1550 / hele opleiding

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